51% of Americans Believe UFOs Are Real – PEW Research Center

A U.S. intelligence release has brought a new outlook on the proposed reality of unidentified flying objects. According to a survey conducted by PEW Research Center, some two-thirds (65%) of Americans believe that intelligent life exists outside of Earth, with 51% suggesting that U.S. military reports on UFOs serve as evidence of extraterrestrial life. Among those 51% of people in the survey, 40% opted that these reports are “probably” evidence of UFOs, as opposed to the remaining 11% who are confident that military reports are “definitely” self-evident.

What was once accepted by a small community of advocates and a rather larger populace of fans inspired by science fiction has quickly grown into a global phenomenon. Ever advancing technology and the way we commute on a day-to-day basis has changed the way the world views life as we know it. From self-driving vehicles, facetime chats, to artificial intelligence.

Much of what many ancestors believed could only be seen in an episode of the Jetsons has made its way into everyday modern lives. And while a lot has changed, the question that comes to mind is do we have a long way to go before we will finally start to explore space on a deeper and more intimate level? Or is this reality not too far into the future? Will UFOs one day be considered just a fact of life?

Many people all around the world have reported seeing these fancy objects in the sky. What often appear to be circular lights that appear very gracefully and soundless have shocked many onlookers. Some recall seeing them for only a brief moment. Others for minutes and, on rare occasions, even an hour or more.

What could easily be confused with a star moving slowly through the night turns into questions that one may have never thought they’d ask. We know the famous quote from the popular comic book which is often said in poise “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No..It’s Superman!” Well, in this case, it may not be superman, but a super plane!

The religious community known as the Nation of Islam has been an advocate of these flying objects since 1930, stating that the objects are not of unknown origin but advanced human technology. Many scientists have also dedicated insurmountable evidence that suggests UFOs are real, they do exist and that they are now just another fact of life.

Read more about this topic and the U.S. Intelligence report by clicking here.

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