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Sean Ali – Supreme Health and Wellness

The Supreme Health & Wellness coach Sean Ali is no stranger to health and healing. He is an acclaimed author with over 20 books dedicated to helping humanity achieve optimal health. A father who homeschools his children, working to provide them with the best education. A licensed and professional nutritionist advisor that has helped hundreds of clients to understand the importance of proper nutrition. A fitness enthusiast that believes that diet and exercise are the most important keys to perfect health. An above all, a student of life that has dedicated over 20 years to learning his craft and sharing his knowledge and personal experience.

The Modern Time reached out to Sean Ali and asked a few questions concerning his profession, knowledge and experience. We hope that this interview will help the public to better understand his service to the health field and what he has to offer as a professional.

Sean Ali answers a few questions.

The Modern Time : How long have you been a health educator & practitioner?
Sean Ali : Over 10 years of education, with 20 years of experience and application.

The Modern Time : What inspired you to get into health & wellness?
Sean Ali : My Inspiration was to be able to heal myself.

The Modern Time : Do you have any degrees or licenses in your field?
Sean Ali : I have a Bachelor of Science in Health & Wellness. I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Licensed Reiki Master.

The Modern Time : How would you describe your experience being an author with over 20 health & wellness books?
Sean Ali : Being an author is Awesome. I was able to take my therapies and science and put them in a format for others to see and understand.

The Modern Time : What do you believe is the most important thing one should focus on while working to improve their diet?
Sean Ali : I focus on the diet last. There are several actions we must do first that are more important. They are Rest, Exercise, Sunbathing, Stress Control.

The Modern Time : What are the three known major causes of death?
Sean Ali : 1. Smoking, 2. Poor diet & lack of exercise, 3. Alcohol

The Modern Time : What advice do you have for people who are struggling to lose weight?
Sean Ali : Everything is Energy. Fat is Energy that hasn’t been used yet. To lose weight, the equation is Energy In vs Energy OUT.. Expend more energy than you consume is the 1st step.

The Modern Time : Is a vegan diet the answer to curing disease and ailments?
Sean Ali : The body is designed to heal itself. The best thing we can do is get out the way. Most of foods deal with the symptoms not the problem…

The Modern Time : What is your take on traditional doctors? Do they do a good job with helping patients to overcome sickness?
Sean Ali : There is no such thing as traditional doctors. They practice allopathic medicine. There are several different disciplines within allopathic medicine. There are some that are effective.

The Modern Time : What advice would you give to someone that is trying to quit self destructive habits like drinking and smoking?
Sean Ali : Habits are a part of the Brain Reward System.. You start with learning to control what a person wants, like or desires..

The Modern Time : Will taking care of the body alone prevent any health problems one suffers from?
Sean Ali : Not taking care of the body is what causes health problems..

The Modern Time : Which of your books do you most recommend that everyone should read?
Sean Ali : Breathing To Live..

The Modern Time : What advice would you offer to the public for prevention of COVID-19 and other influenza related viruses?
Sean Ali : Preventative measures are based on the individual.. Creating a Healthy Lifestyle is the best prevention for all diseases, sicknesses and premature deaths..

If you would like to know more about Sean Ali, or his Health & Wellness resources, you can find further information by visiting the link below.

Supreme Health & Wellness by Sean Ali! (getwellwithsean.com)

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