There’s More in the Sun than Meets the Eye!

The Sun is a big red ball of fire. Boasting a size of roughly 2,678,420 miles in circumference and over 10,000 degrees of pure, unadulterated thermal energy. This is more than enough to quickly melt almost anything that would dare come in close proximity to it. The Sun is easily the largest and one of the most magnificent spectacles in the entire solar system.

The Sun alone has enough force to keep the entire system of planets in check. There are so many things that the Sun is responsible for that the list could go on forever. But with all the massive efforts of the Sun, the question is, are we making enough effort to receive the Earthly benefits that the Sun offers us?

Technology is keeping many people out the Sun and in the Homes.

In the modern time, the development of technology is ever on the rise. With that, a major shift began to take place. Young people began coming outside less often. Computers, which were once looked at as just a product of nerd tech enthusiasts, quickly became a must have for nearly every home.

The upgrade of cell phones, which included the touchscreen and high-definition video, has become a favorite of children as young as 1 year old. Video games have long held their place in millions of homes around the world. Only now, with the inclusion of the internet, one can play with others without having to be in the same city or state.

All of these things made coming outside for many less attractive. This does not come without consequences.

What are the benefits of Sunlight?

The Sun is as old as the Earth, and as it is with all life on Earth we find that the Sun had a great impact on their development. Over 95% of life forms on Earth require the Sun in order to thrive. The Sun provides many vital benefits that simply has no substitute.

It provides plants with the necessary energy to achieve photosynthesis, which creates Glucose and Oxygen. Without Oxygen we wouldn’t be able to breathe. Without plants, our most basic and necessary form of food would perish, resulting quickly in our demise.

The Sun provides humans with an unmatched source of Vitamin D, which aids in the growth and reproduction of cells and tissues. It is responsible for maintaining healthy bones by aiding in the absorption of calcium in the body. It is also anti-inflammatory while helping to keep our muscles functioning at optimal levels.

There are so many more benefits of Vitamin D. Vitamin D isn’t found in most foods at an abundant level, making the Sun its best source for our needs. This is just one of dozens of important benefits that the Sun provides.

Benefits of the Sun for Melanin
An illustration showing the benefits of Sunlight for Plants and Mammals.

What are some things that the Sun does to help our bodies?

The Sun helps the body to regulate the production of Serotonin and Melatonin. Two chemicals that are responsible for mood enhancement and a good night’s rest. Without optimal levels of Serotonin and Melatonin, one may suffer from irregular levels of Depression and Anxiety.

This is because Depression and Anxiety are closely related to Serotonin levels. Optimal Serotonin is also necessary for a healthy balance of hormone production. Melatonin, like Serotonin, helps regulate waking and sleep cycles. Low Melatonin levels are linked to Insomnia and other side-effects. The Sun, which was made at the very beginning of creation, has always played an important role on Earth.


We live in a world that is constantly changing and being reinvented, a world led by the advancement of technology. It is important for the success of future generations that we promote a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor activity at early ages that will aid in the prevention of many physical & mental health problems later on.

In addition, achieving optimal health requires that we take full advantage of being in locations that allow for the absorbance of efficient levels of Sun light, especially in the fall and winter seasons.

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