From one Pixel to a Million Dollars at 21 with The Million Dollar Homepage

Have you heard of the Million Dollar Homepage? It was one of those one hit sensations that took the internet by storm. During the Y2K era the internet was on the rise. Thousands of companies began to establish and find success in online marketing and e-commerce. Social media companies like Facebook had just been launched for the first time.

To afford the luxury of making money online seemed like a thing only destined for a more privileged tribe. Those who understood technology on a deeper level. Managing a website, marketing it and driving traffic was a task where only the most creative felt comfortable.

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But there were many individuals who proved that they could turn a great idea into an internet fortune. One such person was the creator of “the Million Dollar Homepage.” A web sensation that went on to shock the internet and the world.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Million Dollar Homepage, how it made millions and who created it. After you’re done reading, we’re sure it’ll have expanded your mind just little a bit.

Who created the Million Dollar Homepage?

In 2005, Alex Tew, an undergraduate student studying Business Management in Wiltshire, England, launched a website that would later go on to be a big hit. Looking for a way to pay for his university education, he decided to create a website that he could sell advertising pixels on. Despite his lack of funds, he was determined to make his dream a reality.

How did it become an internet phenomenon?

A pixel is considered the smallest element in a digital picture or on a digital screen. Kind of like the Atoms of digital graphics. The million-pixel grid was divided into ten thousand 100-pixel blocks. Each pixel on the Million Dollar Homepage cost a dollar and each buyer was offered the opportunity to add their own logo, advertisement, or a website link to the site.

The Million Dollar Homepage was a worldwide phenomenon. Its popularity skyrocketed in just a few short months, with its Alexa rank peaked at 127. Making it nearly one of the top 100 sites by page authority. In addition to attracting a massive amount of attention, the website generated a million dollars in revenue for its creator.

How much money did The Million Dollar Homepage make?

By the end of its first month of existence, the site had sold more than one million pixels to nearly 1,400 customers, generating $1m in revenue. The Million Dollar Homepage quickly became a global sensation and Alex Tew sold his last 1000 pixels at an eBay auction on January 1, 2006, just 5 months later. Alex Tew, promised to keep the site open for five years, and it closed in August 2010.

On January 6, 2006, Alex was threatened by hackers under the alias “The Dark Group” that they would DDoS his website if he didn’t pay a $5000 ransom. Thinking that it might have been a hoax, he refused to act on the demand. A week later his website became under attack by the group who was now demanding $50,000 to stop the attacks.

Tew continued to ignore the attacks which resulting in the site crashing. BBC news quoted Alex Tew saying about the incident: “I haven’t replied to any of them as I don’t want to give them the satisfaction and I certainly don’t intend to pay them any money. What is happening to my website is like terrorism. If you pay them, new attacks will start.” Eventually his web host upgraded their security systems and the attacks ended.

What else is Alex Tew known for?

Alex Tew Founder of Calm App and Million Dollar Homepage

Alex Tew went on to become the founder of a popular meditation app called Calm. His other ventures include PopJam, a social network that allows users to share funny content. However, before going on to establish Calm, he tried and failed two of his previous ventures. His most recent venture, the Calm app, has seen huge success.

After creating Million Dollar Homepage, Alex Tew achieved a great deal of financial success. From selling a million pixels as advertising space on his homepage to developing a $250 million dollar application. Despite his early failures, Alex Tew continued to aim at establishing his mark in business.

This is the story of the Million Dollar Homepage. Was this story inspiring to you? Tell us what you thought in the comments.

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