Quinyon Nave – Network Technician, Managed Security Service Provider

Network Technicians have a critical job to do. Responsible for implementing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing computer and network systems. They employ their talents to ensure that the networks where important data is stored and transmitted are always operational.

Network downtime, even if only a few minutes, could go on to cost many companies a fortune. Small businesses with 50 million dollars or less in annual revenue report that a single hour of down-time could potentially cost them over $8,000! This is why companies hire network technicians that have a sharp eye for any changes and a quick response rate to repair problems.

Quinyon Nave – U.S. Army Network Technician, Cybersecurity

Quinyon Nave, age 20, of Lexington Park, MD is a network technician for the United States Army. He started learning IT when he was still in high school. He attended Dr. James A Forrest Career & Technology Center, where he was first introduced to cybersecurity.

“While attending this class, I had a calling for cybersecurity, specifically the red team and I knew I wanted to be a penetration tester. I joined the Army because, after doing research, I sought to be a cyber warfare technician warrant officer, and I also loved the idea of traveling and being able to give back to the community.”

In the U.S. Army, Quinyon works on numerous networking equipment to provide rapid tactical networking services to other service members. Ensuring that they can communicate at any time from around the world is key to his success.

He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity through Western Governor’s University. He considers himself an avid security researcher, spending a lot of his time exploring diverse cybersecurity topics and issues. He plans to establish his own Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Cybersecurity firm, managing and securing the networks of those who need it the most.

“I wanted to start my own business after realizing that I wanted to give back more to the community and do it my way. I want to become a pillar of innovation in the cybersecurity field. I know it may seem “impossible” or a figure of statement, but it drives me every day to do what I do.”

And his goal doesn’t stop there:

“I also plan to obtain a degree in neuroscience, start a research and development company, and ultimately achieve a combination of both professions in which I can design, teach, and apply cybersecurity to new biotechnology.”

Keeping up with a rapid growing industry

To stay up-to-date and informed about changes in his field of interest, he spends much of his time researching, reading, writing, and listening to various information sources. Books, articles, YouTube videos and podcasts are just a few sources he uses to learn new things.

“Some days I just like to look into random things I happen to stumble across and just see where it takes me. Many things I find I write down and I think about how I can improve them, or it helps me ignite a new technology in my mind that I’d like to create one day.”

When asked about some of the challenges are, he faces in his profession he replied:

“When it comes to me personally, I feel like dealing with self-doubt is a challenge because sometimes it can cloud my thoughts or make me lose my sense of purpose. In terms of my profession, it can be a challenge to work with people and have disagreements because it may cause a pause in the project you’re working on. It’s also difficult to work with people that do not have a growth mindset, because being in a negative, or toxic environment may lead to a decrease in performance or morale and I feel like each individual deserves a comfortable, morale boosting environment so they can have the ability to improve themselves and contribute as much as possible. From a business perspective, financial issues can hinder many things. You may not be able to complete certain tasks because of a funding problem, which could lower the relationship with stakeholders and other important assets of the company.”

He believes that showing people how cybersecurity can apply to their active lives will better inform as well as interest more people in the technology. Having a secure data network can help to simplify one’s livelihood. Not having a secure network could potentially make anyone a victim of cybercrime.

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