Twin sisters Kekilia and Cilicia Green are the owners of Root’d In Nature by K&C, LLC

Twin sisters Kekilia and Cilicia Green are the owners of Root’d In Nature by K&C, LLC, a health and wellness apothecary registered in the state of North Carolina. Their e-commerce business provides a variety of holistic herbal solutions and hair growth oils. Co-founded in 2021, the two started their business after successfully overcoming their own health-related struggles using plant-based alternatives.

Root'd In Nature Kekilia Celicia Green

Root’d In Nature by K&C, LLC.

“My sister and I were individually battling health issues and were inspired by those sharing their stories of how they healed themselves by detoxing and using holistic practices rather than relying on modern medicine. After thorough research and experimentation with herbs and holistic practices, and networking with herbalists, we realized that Westernized modern medicine only seeks to relieve the symptoms of the problem, but never actually addresses the root of the problem. We know that the body has this amazing capability of healing itself, however, we are responsible for providing it the right conditions to achieve this. To raise this awareness throughout our community and the world became our priority because health should be in the hands of the individual, not the healthcare system.”

Kekilia and Cilicia both received their bachelor’s degree in Health Communications from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with minors in Public Health, Biology, and Spanish. Kekilia Green is currently enrolled in certification courses to build her knowledge base on anatomy & physiology and holistic health while Cilicia is currently enrolled in a program to become a certified holistic health practitioner.

Root’d in Nature provides remedies for common illnesses such as herbs and wellness solutions that aid clients in their personal healing journey. The e-commerce business currently partners with Build Me Up Jewelz for promotional campaigning and are seeking to expand their partnerships with other brands.

Root’d in Nature on their use of Herbal medicine and other Holistic practices

The leading causes of death in the US can be easily avoided, but as these illnesses can be easily attributed to diet and exercise, many of us have to unlearn and relearn the relationship between the foods we consume and its impact on our long-term health.

Today’s standard American diet has had a detrimental impact on families all over the country, with almost half of American’s diagnosed as overweight and obese, it is easy to see how food and lack of physical activity, among other factors, play a key role in how it affects your quality of life.

While herbs are excellent for helping to provide the body what it needs, we must always remember that natural fruits and vegetables can help to promote a healthy balance of minerals.

Their company pledges to deliver trustworthy products that are both sourced authentically and for sustainability, while also promoting a healthier lifestyle through diet and fitness.

“We believe in providing health and wellness products that make a positive impact and experience for the customer. Promoting education and products to assist in one’s health journey is our top priority, while also providing them with the knowledge and information to allow them to make an informed decision for their health.”

Herbal Solutions is an industry that requires a lot of due diligence. The twins believe in research, often keeping in tune with the latest news pertaining to holistic health and wellness. They are currently creating a blog that centers its ideas around various health topics and frequently browse social media to see what’s trending, utilizing the information in their discussions. They also research local and out of state vendor events, particularly for health and wellness.

From battling health issues to healing the world

The two say they gather their inspiration from their own health-related journey.

“We both were tired of struggling with our own health issues. Seeking advice from medical professionals in a westernized medical society was only keeping us in the rat race as we were prescribed medication after medication. As kids, our mother had always kept books on herbs and holistic alternatives in our bookshelf, so while the information was just staring us in the face, we had no knowledge whatsoever until we were forced to seek out this information. We finally began to open those very books which had been collecting dust for years and the experience was like opening Pandora’s box. While diving deeper into the rabbit hole with one book leading to another, we discovered that our diet was playing a major factor in our condition. It was the lack of minerals and vitamins, followed by an overconsumption of foods that did not provide these nutrients, that was causing our ailments. By reducing and eliminating our consumption of the Standard American Diet and centering our body with food and herbs that came from nature, we would begin to see our health conditions slowly fade away. The knowledge acquired not only needed to be applied but shared with others who are dealing with a similar experience”

Their message for those aspiring into e-commerce, health and wellness:

“Remember that you are a walking brand. Be open to expand and try new things that require you to step out of your comfort zone because that’s how you grow and learn. Don’t be afraid to learn. We would also say network network network!!! Your network is ultimately your net worth. Always keep business cards on you as you never know who you may be in need of your service and who you can impact. Lastly, I know it’s cliche, but consistency is key. You can’t put in minimum and inconsistent effort and expect the best results. Lastly, take care of your body because you only get one and prevention is cheaper than conventional medication”

Root’d In Nature Kekilia Celicia Green

To learn more about Root’d In Nature by K&C LLC. Visit the following:

Root’d In Nature by K&C LLC
Kekilia & Cilicia Green
7319 Matthews Mint Hill Rd, Suite I #1661
Mint Hill, North Carolina 28227

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