Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs Canva (2022)

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Adobe, the creator of Photoshop, dropped something explosive with the launch of its new free graphic design and photo editor tool Creative Cloud Express.

It is available for download on PC, Android or IOS device. It may not do all the amazing wonders of a professional designer, but it will let you do much needed photo task in a short amount of time. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Creative Cloud Express versus Canva, another popular, also similar application.

What is Creative Cloud Express?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Creative Cloud Express is a very intuitive and functional free web and mobile application, that will allow you to make moderately presentable designs in a short time. The key is that it has a lot of templates, a great number of images and hundreds of effects to add and animate your designs.

It is very able to facilitate the design tasks for social networks, especially in those moments when you must prepare something fast that is also moderately decent. As with Canva, in just a few clicks it allows you to optimize your image for social media platforms in minutes.

What comes with Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Creative Cloud Express is the replacement for Adobe Spark and has now thrown the old model out the window with its new free version for users. It comes packed with all kinds of brochures, logos, videos and much more.

It also includes photo filters, effects, Adobe Fonts, a wide variety of Adobe Stock photos copyright free and up to 2 GB of storage. Of course, if you’re looking to gain full access to Creative Cloud Expresses best features you’ll have to pay for their premium plan.

The premium version may be interesting to business professionals. It allows usage of premium templates and designs that you do not get with the free version. Additional filters and effects are also introduced in the premium version of the application. Last you can take advantage of team editing with cloud storage for group projects.

Creative Cloud Express compared to Canva

At a general level…

Adobe Creative Cloud Express comes in handy if you have previously used the Adobe for your graphic editing, but as an independent product it falls a little short compared to other alternatives on the market that offer us much more material such as photos or templates compatible with any platform. This is liable to change in the future as Adobe is known to deliver high powered software tailored to the needs of industry leading professionals.

Canva, on the other hand, is a great option if you need to produce a decent image, ad or banner in a short amount of time. It’s great for people who need to get something done but don’t have time or money to hire a professional.

A large selection of templates are available on both platforms

Both Creative Cloud Express and Canva have a large list of templates to choose from that can save you a lot of time with designing. However, the latter, especially if we are not very familiar with the tool, can pose more difficulties when designing templates from scratch.

Design Resources

Those of us who have tried it know that Canva is not at all short of templates, images, effects, backgrounds and design resources, however, if we want something more in tune with a special brand, some basic fonts for design are missing. No doubt Creative Cloud Express at this level will surprise you because of its versatility. Adobe fonts deliver you more options to choose from than ever before.

Collaborative management

Canva allows you to share designs with ease, but Adobe’s tool is highly optimized for team collaboration and when it comes to sharing resources and checking the status or keeping record of group tasks.

Most likely, since it is newer, it comes with a host of new functionalities, such as the inclusion of changes in the state of the designs (approvals) or comments without having to leave the application. This way others can see your work immediately.

Downloading your designs

Canva allows you to download in multiple supported formats, png, pdf, jpg, svg, even MP4 or gif video.

On the other hand, Creative Cloud Express sometimes doesn’t work correctly from a web browser, and you have to resort to the mobile app, thus making this option a tad bit difficult sometimes. This may be fixed with later updates as it is still relatively new.

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As we can see with great similarities between Creative Cloud Express and Canva, each tool has its pros and cons. Canva is no longer the only app on the market now that’s packed with features for social media pages. This gives more options for creators to tap in to. Which application do you use for your business? Let us know in the comments.
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