Harnessing the power of Apoptosis for unparalleled cellular Self-Healing

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Gym, exercise and diet improvement are quickly becoming a few of the most popular topics being discussed today across the world. A venture that millions of people worldwide are starting to take on as a means of improving their quality of life. Fitness enthusiasm for many has been a rewarding experience that has helped to pull them out of some of the toughest situations. There’s no better time than the present to improve ones’ health, to become fit and enjoy a life of abundance.

While diet and exercise are two of the most important factors towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there is a world of knowledge that work in accord with our routines to help us better understand ourselves and to help others who may need it in their health journey.

Apoptosis – programmed cellular death

One of the key aspects of health information pertains to the processes of self-healing and cellular death. Understanding how the body heals itself is a vital component to self-healing. The cells in our bodies are designed to reproduce and replace damaged cells with new, functioning, healthy cells. A process known as Apoptosis. Unlike the widely discussed topics of the gym, exercise, and diet, apoptosis operates at the cellular level, orchestrating the controlled elimination of cells in a highly regulated manner. Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death. In developing adolescents, apoptosis is the process that eliminates unnecessary or unwanted cells during the development process. In adult biology, apoptosis is the process that eliminates damaged cells that can no longer be repaired, making way for new cells.

In a functioning body, apoptosis allows for the generation of healthy cells, enabling the body to continue operating in optimal form. It may also help to eliminate cancerous cells from the body before they can negatively impact a person’s essential functions. When this process is blocked or reversed, the action is called necrosis. Necrosis is the involuntary or premature death of cells and living tissue. Necrosis occurs when cells can no longer be repaired and consequently either die or leave behind scar tissue. The result is accelerated aging, illness, chronic injury, and potentially death.

A healthy lifestyle – the key to prevent premature aging

According to Sean Ali, Licensed Holistic Health Practitioner: “A lifestyle that prevents Apoptosis is a lifestyle that causes sickness, cancer and aging. A healthy lifestyle that involves Proper diet, exercise and rest are the keys to preventing premature death!”

As we embark on the journey of exploring fitness and well-being, a closer look at Apoptosis will open our minds up to the high precision of the bodies autonomous ability to heal itself, fight disease and prevent death. Factors that are keys to life of longevity and abundance. Not only is exercise and diet important, but so is taking care of our vital processes.

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