Cyclone Jago – Nigerian Recording Artist Releases song “No Games”

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Cyclone Jago (Lagos, Nigera) of Jago Art Culture, releases song entitled “No Games.” Jago is a multi-talented creative visual Artist, vocalist, model, fashion designer and actor based in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is a skilled Painter and Muralist and also does jingles for products and business brands. These are just a few of Cyclones’ many skills. Above all he considers himself to be a man with big goals.

Nigeria is no way short in delivering in the talent department and have given birth to many famous artists like singers Davido and Wizkid. Nigeria, or the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a West African country and is also the most populous country in Africa with over 200 million residents. Nigeria is well known for its entertainment as well as its ties in global oil trade. Cyclone, a proud Nigerian, is thankful and feels blessed to able to perfect his craft & advance into many areas of artistry.

We reached out to Cyclone Jago after hearing from him last week about his upcoming EP, to ask him a few questions about his music. We also got a chance to check out some of his previous works. Here is our brief Q&A with Cyclone Jago and a feature of his recent track, “No Games.”

A brief interview with Cyclone Jago

The Modern Time: So, Cyclone Jago, how long have you been a recording artist?

Cyclone Jago:
I’ve been doing music since 2017.

The Modern Time: What got you into music?

Cyclone Jago:
The love of music and the opportunity to express myself and tell the world my story.

The Modern Time: Describe your experience so far?

Cyclone Jago:
All my life I have always been a lover of music. Music has been my source of inspiration and healing through hard times. on some days when I considered giving up, music is what helps me. It is how I communicate with my higher self. My portal to the divine.

The Modern Time: Have you collaborated with other Artists?

Cyclone Jago:
Yes I have collaborated with other Artists. Both locally and international.

The Modern Time: What Artists have inspired your music?

Cyclone Jago:
The likes of Chronixx, Bob Marley, 2pac, Eminem, NF, Giveon and Snoop Dogg

You can listen to Cyclone Jago’s latest release, entitled “No Games” below.

“No Games” by Cyclone Jago

Cyclone Jago on Social Media

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