Jeff Funderburk – Privileged Access Systems Management Expert

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Cybersecurity is the fastest growing global threat

Cybersecurity is considered the fastest growing threat in the world. It was projected that cyber breaches would cost the global economy over 700 billion dollars by the end of 2022. With over one billion people having regular access to the internet for personal use, business and enterprise, the need for cyber security experts is on the rise.

Cybersecurity experts specialize in installing and managing systems that monitor, analyze, and secure networks and private data. Many experts identify and prevent security threats while also responding to security breaches. They know how to prevent loss of personal information due to phishing, viruses and other malicious threats.

Jeff Funderburk – the Cybersecurity Systems Analyst

Cybersecurity is a growing field that employs many different specializations. Jeff Funderburk of Charlotte, North Carolina is a Cybersecurity engineer with over 11 years in the security field. With experience in advanced security systems like CyberArk PAM (Privileged Access Manager) and IAM (Identity and Access Manager), which are used by medium sized businesses and enterprises for sophisticated user access to company data and passwords. Jeff says that his interest in computers grew when he first started building his own computers.

“I started out learning how to build my own computers. I had such a passion for technology and learning it, I decided to go to my local community college for school.”

The economy took a major hit in 2008
, going into a recession just as President Obama entered his first term in office. Jeff couldn’t afford to go to school at the time and so he decided to try to enroll in Workforce Investment Act program being offered by his local unemployment office. Though they told him that the program was no longer available, he was determined to enroll.

“They stated that as long as my program was on the list they would pay for school. Well, my program wasn’t on the list. That’s when I decided to seek the Deans approval to have the program added back.”

After successfully getting the program back he later went on to obtain two associates degrees, one in Networking Technology and the other in Information Systems Security.

He has worked as an IT servicing call centers as well as an IT technician and desktop support expert. He has held cybersecurity positions in privilege access management where he works to protect companies service accounts by vaulting them in a safe for strict access only.

As a cybersecurity expert, some of the many challenges that their clients may face on a day-to-day basis can range from: Phishing attacks, Insider threats as well as ransomware attacks. Especially in the financial company TIAA where he currently is employed. Prior to that, he worked for Accenture as a tester and validator of data.

Big companies are no stranger to data breaches and theft of privately kept user information. In June of this year, AMD reported that they were investigating an alleged data breach which occurred earlier this year by a hacker group operating under the name RansomHouse. The group alleges that they were able to exfiltrated 450 GB of data from the company. They attributed their success to company employees use of “simple passwords”. Systems like PAM are designed to prevent unauthorized access to company passwords by setting up sophisticated measures that allow only designated employees to retrieve passwords from a secure vault on demand. In systems like PAM, corporate passwords can be rotated for advanced safety.

Jeff believes that technology is a growing field with much opportunity for minorities. His message for young minorities entering the technology field is to build their skillsets first through real-world hands-on experience, and to couple that experience with the necessary education and certification. For those that plan to move up into management positions, he believes that having an associates or bachelor’s degree will be of great benefit.

From learning to build his own computers, to working as an expert in Cybersecurity, Jeff Funderburk is a wonderful example for minorities in America aspiring to the world of science and technology.

Cybersecurity Consultation Services

Do you or someone you know own a business or enterprise that needs consultation in Cybersecurity and private data access management? Contact Jeff L. Funderburk at to inquire about professional consultation services in Cybersecurity for small business and enterprise.

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Ahki Justice
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