Supplement Industry Dependent on Poor Diet and Lifestyle Choices

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Do you ever wonder if you really need supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Research suggests that depending on supplements, such as Vitamin E, may not always promote optimal health or reduce the risk of cancer. According to the Journal of Nutrition, the supplement industry is a $30 billion industry. It is reported that there are approximately 90,000 different dietary supplement products available for sale in stores across the United States. Research also suggests that there is a lack of substantial evidence supporting whether over-the-counter supplements promote positive health results, but that they can have adverse side effects.

When harmful chemical elements are introduced into the body, they can cause adverse reactions. We often don’t realize the various biological effects that over-the-counter and even most prescription drugs or supplements can have. Some of these reactions are predictable, while others can occur unexpectedly. While most people who take medications never experience serious consequences, one question arises: is the risk worth the reward? Secondly, are they necessary for restoring our health, or are they supplementary to poor lifestyle habits?

Adverse reaction: In pharmacology, any unexpected or dangerous reaction to a drug. An unwanted effect caused by the administration of a drug. The onset of the adverse reaction may be sudden or develop over time. Also called an adverse drug event (ADE), adverse drug reaction (ADR), adverse effect or adverse event.

Adverse reactions can cause discomfort, liver disease and even skin disorders

They can also potentially cause allergic reactions, gastrointestinal distress and may interact negatively with certain foods or other medications. One should be very careful of taking supplements while on prescription drugs as the two may also have adverse interactions when taken together.

IN ADDITION, living organisms, specifically those with complex Organ systems, have what is known as “Biological Clocks”. The Biological clock of human beings dictate what time of day or night that a performed activity is considered optimal or nonoptimal. The best time for the human biology to ingest food is between 4pm and 6pm. This is the time when most people have completed a full day of activity and also when the body is at it’s peak in burning calories(The body burns more calories in the after- noon).

One of the effects of eating a full meal is that your body can start to feel tired. Consuming food starts the digestive process which also burns a great deal of energy. Since the average person is preparing for their nights rest around 9p.m., then eating at the aforementioned times is highly recommended. Eating throughout the day can affect a person’s mood or zap their energy making them feel frustrated or unable to perform at their best. Eating at off-times can also have negative effects on a person’s metabolism, causing unexpected weight loss or gains. Eating late night or midnight snacking may even decrease overall sleep quality.

Medicine: a compound or preparation used for the treatment or prevention of disease, especially a drug or drugs taken by mouth.

Are drugs and supplements necessary for optimal health?

Most supplements are advertised as an alternative way to get the vital nutrients that are lacking in a person’s diet. It has been known for many years by the Doctors of medicine and other medical scientist that most prescription drugs, over the counter medications and supplements are taken as a consequence to a poor diet, lack of exercise, rest and quality time outdoors.

Supplement: a part added to or issued as a continuation of a book or periodical to correct errors or make additions.

What is a “Poor diet”?

A poor diet consists of a series of food or drink that is ingested in a way that does not adequately support the needs of the human body. Foods such as animal flesh produce enzymes and microorganisms that can decay both dead and living tissue cells and organs, along with refined, processed foods. These have long been a concern for the health and lifespan of the human population, particularly among Afroasiatic, Black, or African-American communities, who possess human ecology that doesn’t seem to promote healthy digestion of meats and other coarse foods. In addition, genetically modified foods produce adverse chemical reactions that are not consistent with those known to occur in unaltered fruits and vegetables.


Is there an alternative to medicine and supplements?

For most people, specifically in the black community, drugs and supplements are not necessary for optimal health. By avoiding unhealthy foods, consuming the right foods at the appropriate times, maintaining a regular full-body exercise routine, spending quality time outdoors, and getting adequate rest, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, fasting is one of the most powerful methods for cleansing the body of toxins and restoring vital cell function. Growing healthy is achievable, even after experiencing illness; it should not consume your entire life. If you are 50 or older and would like to establish a fun, safe, and easy routine that will not only restore your health to peak performance but also help you maintain it so that you can enjoy life to the fullest, Contact us today!

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