7 Great Inventions that Sparked Changes in Modern Tech

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Technology. From the first ancient creation of the wheel to the modern creation of Artificial Intelligence. The evolution of technology has been an exciting one to watch. Can you imagine traveling without fuel-powered vehicles, or communicating without telephones? Today, we will look at specific things that have influenced the growth of global technology. How seven great inventions have sparked major changes in modern technology.

7 Great Inventions that Sparked Changes in Modern Tech

Brown Wooden Wheel on Top of Green Grass

The Wheel: The wheel is believed to be one of the most innovative creations even up to the present day. This allowed builders the advantage of making very unique inventions. Potters were able to use wheels and axels in order to mold symmetrical objects such as bowls and other forms of clay objects that may have been very difficult to pull off without them. The wheel afforded the ability to develop carts that made transporting heavy objects much easier. It is believed that the first wheel may have been made of a thick solid wood. Today, the wheel is used in a large number of machines and nearly every form of transportation. Thanks to the modern use of the wheel, we are able to afford the ability to generate electricity through mechanical energy.

Black and White Tower With Smoke

Petroleum: An ingredient found in thousands of modern-day products; Petroleum is next on our list. An abundant substance found buried deep under the earth’s service. Petroleum has changed our everyday lives from its first discovery up to the present time. Petroleum is the base product that is used to make gasoline, a utility that is very important in the use of transportation and machinery. It is found in everything from tires to asphalt and even common household products like soaps, lotions & other lubricants and even the ink pen. Petroleum is one of the major elements that allow the machine industry to operate.

Black Rotary Telephone Beside Ball Pen on White Printed Paper

Telephone: The telephone is a very significant invention. Allowing the world to connect in real-time. Imagine a world without telephones. Very few people alive today can tell such a tale. Before telephones, we needed to transport messages over long distances by foot, which could have taken months if not years, depending on the space between messenger and receiver. Today, digital telephones do more than just make calls. They allow users to write and send direct messages, store data, and access the internet wirelessly.

White Switch Hub Turned on

The Internet: The internet. A global interconnected computer network where much of the world’s data is stored. The internet may be considered one of the greatest modern inventions, as it seemingly opens the doors to endless opportunities. The internet, which is recorded as having first been born on January 1, 1983, has since become widely used by nearly 90% of the world. With it came what is known as the “Information Age”, where information became an abundant resource that could be accessed by anyone at any time, regardless of place or origin. At one point in time, you had to scour to find books and documents that were of significance, but with the birth of the internet came a great change in the way we acquired information.

Crop duster on runway in daytime

Fuel Powered Vehicle: The vehicle is easily one of the greatest inventions up to the present day. Prior to fuel power, people weren’t getting too far too fast. Camels may have allowed us to travel and carry a few objects without expending much energy, but they weren’t very quick. Horses allowed us to travel some 30 to 50 miles per hour, but not without the consequences of enduring the painful expense of the journey. Horses also needed to rest after a few miles. Fuel-powered vehicles changed this dynamic by allowing us to comfortably get around at faster speeds, more effectively and more sufficiently. With fuel power came the motorboat and airplane, which allowed us to transcend beyond the airways and oceans like never seen in the modern era.

Black and Silver Film Camera

Camera: Cameras are brilliant technology. Prior to the camera, we could only look forward to a creative drawer to record our greatest memories. It would have taken a very skilled artist to be able to do this in real-time. Now, with the camera, we can instantly snap and record moments in time with a flash. Digital cameras amped up the stakes by allowing us to take nearly endless amounts of photographs in order to catch those greatest memories in fragments of a second. As time evolved, cameras also began to record videos. Video cameras can easily be looked at as one of the most important utilities in the modern time. From video cameras came the birth of television and motion pictures.

Turned-on Am Radio

Radio Broadcasting: Radio broadcasting, which involves transmission of electromagnetic wave frequencies into a special device known as Radio, took the world by storm in the late 1800’s. Much like the telephone, it allowed one- or two-way communication that could be heard through a speaker. Radio waves can either be received or sent back through the airways. The difference between telephones and radio is that telephones involve private direct wired transmission between a caller and receiver, while the radio can be heard by anyone with the technology to tune in to a specific frequency. As we know today, radio is listened to by millions of people worldwide through homes and vehicle devices.

Technology is changing the way we live faster than ever. The rapid evolution of technology has shaped our world in amazing and most effective ways. Imagine what we might develop in the next 100 years. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. We have more like it on our site. We encourage you to subscribe and receive more positive information on business, technology and other subjects.

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