Are Neural Pathways the key to learning new Skills?

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We all have habits. Sometimes it can be a good habit, such as waking up early in the morning, remembering to turn off the lights when we’re not using them, or something as simple as blinking. For many of us, every habit is not the best. Maybe you have a bad habit of doing something you would like to quit. Whether it be eating a little too much, getting up a little too late, or not being as productive as you would like to be. Maybe even you, like millions of people have a smoking or drinking habit? Could it be that you are weighed down by over thinking or negative thinking patterns?

All of these things may put a hinderance on you as they take away your time, energy and focus on the things that you would like to do more or even keep you away from the things that matter to you the most. Have you ever wondered where the saying comes from: “Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form?” The answer may be found in Neural Pathways.


HABIT: “a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.”, Habit formation is the result of doing something repetitively until it becomes a regular routine, called a Habit. Sometimes habits are compulsive, meaning that they become an irresistible urge or behavior pattern.

Habits are broken down into two categories which are often called: Good Habits and Bad Habits. Neural Pathways, which are interconnected nerves responsible for the efficient delivery of brain signals to other parts of the brain and nervous system, are formed as habits are formed. This is the main reason for the saying “Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form.”

#FACTS: Good Habits are formed in the same way as Bad Habits: Through consistent or repetitive performance of a certain activity. Therefore, in order to develop better habits, we must be persistent in performing regular activities that promote healthy and positive results. By spending more time improving in other activities, old habits can eventually be broken as neural pathways are rewired in the nervous system to furnish the development of newly acquired routines.

Neural Pathways & Learning New Skills

Did you know that the brain develops shortcuts known as Neural Pathways, which enable it to send out signals (electrical impulses) to other parts of the body at higher and more

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efficient rates (of speed)? Our brain creates networks which are interconnected nerves that allow us to perform tasks more sufficiently. When we perform a function (a thought, a movement, a task, a job, or an activity), the brain, the main part of the body’s nervous system, develops a better way to transfer electrical energy, which is the main power source of all bodily functions, called neural pathways.


Then the more we work on an activity, the better we become at it, then the more energy we are able to put into it then the more sufficient we become; neural pathways are the inner workings of the body that make it all possible.

Developing “Talent or Skill” is a part of maintaining a healthy functioning nervous system. Practice and Exercise are the key to developing neural pathways.

Hope this information was helpful to you. Let us know in the comments.

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