Culture Beauty Bar Salon and Day Spa by Boonie DaBoss

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Every woman deserves to feel good about herself. Schamekia Thomas of St. Petersburg, Florida, who also goes by the name Bonnie DaBoss, owns and operates Culture Beauty Bar, a salon, spa, and skincare service in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

Schamekia is an Esthetician who is passionate about providing skin care solutions to her clients. Her business, Culture Beauty Bar, founded in 2020, offers a rich atmosphere where women of all cultures can come and receive an amazing experience and quality service. They take pride in creating a welcoming environment and being a listening ear for their clients.

Culture Beauty Bar

Schamekia Thomas aka Boonie DaBoss – CEO of Culture Beauty Bar.

Culture Beauty Bar’s mission is to make women feel better about themselves and the skin they’re in.

“We produce beauty services to help make women feel better about themselves and achieve their desired look. Our skin services are designed to help specific skin concerns for each individual customer.

We offer a wide variety of holistic beauty products that help maintain a healthy, vibrant skin.”

Schamekia has been in the beauty industry as a make-up artist for 10 years. Working in several salons and projects over the years.

“I’ve had the pleasure to do makeup on channel 10 news. I’ve worked as an artist for numerous magazine and photo shoots. Working in other salons in the area over the years, I decided to open my own salon/ spa and create an atmosphere in which women of all cultures could come.

What made me love makeup was being able to enhance one natural beauty with cosmetics made up of organic and inorganic material has always been fascinating to me. Also, seeing the reactions of the many people I’ve had the pleasure to do make up on always gives me a rush. My style is never too much, always enough”

She says providing a space where other black women can come to work and earn money has been an amazing feeling. When asked what a typical day on the job is like, she gave us three words: Booked, Busy and Unbothered.

“Everyone is working, smiling, enjoying clients. Sage burning, incense going spa music or neo soul playing. Just a whole vibe!”

The case of Skincare

Skin care is important, especially for black people in America. The five most common skin problems black people suffer from are acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and rashes. To combat these conditions, proper skin care regiments in conjunction with a healthy diet are required.

Therefore, it is very important that they utilize holistic products that do not come with harmful chemicals. Schamekia Thomas, the CEO of Culture Beauty Bar, believes that Holistic solutions are the optimal choice in skincare.

In a survey conducted by Kantar World Panel, it was found that 54% of women want an ‘All Natural’ skin care regiment. When asked which ingredients on beauty labels consumers look for to avoid purchasing, sulfates were the most frequently mentioned (29%), followed by parabens (22%), synthetic fragrances (18%), PEG compounds (15%) and mineral oil (11%).

One of the challenges of operating a beauty and spa business is funding. The average spa owner is looking to spend over $100,000 on start-up cost and anywhere from $35,000 to $250,000 annually. Investing in a beauty spa requires commitment and a desire to service others.

When asked where she draws her inspiration from, Schamekia states

“Madam CJ Walker and my grandmas. My grandmas a fancy, fierce and beautiful black woman. Weeew child! Those southern women keep themselves up something nice. I love it lol.”

She adds that she would also like to help women recover from domestic violence abuse.

Her message or advice to women entrepreneurs who are starting or working to become successful in business is:

“Never give up. Keep your mind clear of limiting beliefs. Keeps God first and network with other successful business owner.”

Culture Beauty Bar
9371 US HWY 19 Suite D
Pinellas Park, FL 33782
Boonie Blanco Esthetician | Book Online with StyleSeat
Facebook: Culture Beauty Bar
Instagram: Boonie_Daboss
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