The Supreme Seeds of Life!

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The Supreme Seeds of Life!

Sean Ali, Licensed Health and Wellness practitioner believes that growing your own food is the key to life in abundance. He is the founder of Supreme Garden and Nursery, which affords him the ability to harvest and produce 100% heirloom, organic, non-GMO seeds of life directly from his own garden. His collection includes many common fruits and vegetables, as well as a few that could be considered rare. Some

examples of items available at Supreme Garden and Nursery include a variety of healthy foods, such as tomatoes, strawberries, spinach, celery, and zucchini or squash, all of which are known for their numerous antioxidant benefits. 

Gardening has always been one of civilization’s most basic survival skills. A trait of humanity that appears to have originated even in prehistoric times. Historically, gardening has been practiced in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Persia, as well as in far eastern countries like Japan, Singapore, and China.

Today, less than 50% of the population on average practices home gardening. According to a statistic from the National Garden Association, American home gardeners make up only an average of 25% of the US population. This implies that 75% or more of US citizens purchase groceries and dine out at their favorite restaurants. Drive Research also administered a 10-minute survey with 1,104 respondents in the U.S. The topic of the survey surrounded attitudes and behaviors associated with grocery shopping. It was found that On average, those people would go to the grocery store 8 times per month, and spent an average of $155.62 on each trip.

In a time when many agricultural scientists, meteorologists, and food economists believe that famine is looming in our future, Sean Ali advocates for gardening as a solution.

Sean Ali : “We’ve already heard talks about food deserts and toxic food in certain areas based on zip codes, resulting in limited access to nutritious food. However, it’s important to recognize that we have the same level of control over our food supply as anyone else. Large-scale farmers operate as businesses, and grocery stores also function as businesses. Therefore, their primary focus may not be on producing the most nutritious food possible or offering the most nutritious food options. They are trying to turn a profit, and that’s cool. However, when it comes to taking charge of our health and wellness, the ability to control your food supply is in your hands, and it’s easy, man.” 
To learn more about Sean Ali, Supreme Garden & Nursery by Sean Ali visit the link below 

Supreme Health and Wellness by Sean Ali 

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