Portals of Samadhi opens the gateways to healing and life transformation

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Feq’ad Wolde and Mesq’al Kebra are the founders of Portals Of Samadhi, located in Oakland California. The Health Counseling service employs a variety of rich ancient Energy Healing techniques that help clients improve their overall quality of life.

Portals of Samadhi is an entry way into higher levels of thought and lifestyle, providing energy healing experiences, health refinement support, and herbal products. -- Portals of Samadhi

One of such techniques that many people are learning about at Portals of Samadhi is the Sound Bath. A Sound Bath is an ancient technique which is also believed to date back long before common era(BCE), and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, relieve anxiety and improve or enhance mood or overall health.

It involves the use of various sounds, rhythm and vibrations to produce a calm healing effect. And sound baths are just one of the many experiences you can discover at Portals of Samadhi. They also provide a variety of other services including Reiki Healing services, business consultation and are also a venue for sacred gatherings and life transforming events.

feq'ad wolde

Feq’ad is a Certified Healer and traced for us a part of his family legacy as a descent of nanny Maroon. Nanny of the Maroons, Queen Nanny, or Granny Nanny was an early 18th century leader of the Maroons and was known as a courageous, tact and uniting military leader. Coming from a family of farmers and traders, he is no stranger to the earth’s many blessings.

Portals of Samadhi is a business founded on unique experiences

Portals of Samadhi was founded in September, 2017. Formerly known as “Infinite Vortex of Light.” He adds that he and his co-founder found themselves in an inconvenient situation while co-owning their co-op in West Oakland, now referred to as Mandela Grocery Co-Op.

“We then founded our business during these happenings. We left the Co-op and made pilgrimage to Ethiopia, where we blended into the Ethiopian Orthodox way of life and opened an Alkaline Vegan Cafe our last year there. We both eat Alkaline Vegan strictly, as a side note. The purpose of our business is to raise the frequency of the entire Earth to a more refined & harmonious state and inclusive lifestyle. We are actively doing this through Sound Baths, Health Refinement Support, and Business Management Services.”

What makes Portals of Samadhi an excellent service is that they serve people from all walks of life and understand many cultures. They offer a unique experience and use methods that are scientifically proven to empower one’s life while having a positive impact on their health.

“When put into practice, the wisdom we impart transforms individual lives in full, establishing mental clarity and physical tranquility. Our business is on demand, growing, and transforming daily.”

To learn more about Portals of Samadhi, Sound Bath, Reiki Healing, or other services contact:

Feq’ad Wolde, Mesq’al Kebra
Portals of Samadhi
Oakland, California
Zipcode: 94609
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