Learn how to register a .COM Domain in (2022)

It is important that every company, organization, project and even people who want to strengthen their personal brand have their own domain address. A website where they publish content, offer their services, make communications, etc. A domain is your Homepage and will in most cases be the first place you send your customers.

In this article we give you the steps to register your own domain.

Let’s get started.

How do I register a domain?

Coding and Development

Having an official website requires some elements, among the main ones are the following:

  • Domain .COM, .NET, .ORG, etc.
  • A Web host
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • SEM

An official website reduces the chances of identity theft that can affect both companies and individuals. If we consider that a domain .COM usually costs approximately US $13, this is not expensive, although to have a website not only requires a domain, but also a hosting provider.

To the latter we must add the web design or the visual part and the web development or coding that will be the functional part of the web page. Both web design and development can cost anywhere from a few hundred US dollars to very high budgets with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, depending on the requirements.

If we do not advertise our website no one will know it exist, for this we must create content, invest in SEO and SEM.

To succeed in SEO for our website requires creating quality content that adds value to our audience periodically, we must also establish contact and approach with companies or references in our sector in order to make collaborations that benefit us mutually. As you can guess, investing in SEO requires a lot of effort and you usually see the results from six months onwards.

To succeed in SEM is much more transactional, we only have to allocate an advertising budget and indicate our target in the search engines, social networks and / or media that are related to the advertising campaigns we want to execute. They can also advertise on The Modern Time, as we specialize in business, technology, health and innovation.

Some of the advertising platforms that we can use in terms of SEM are the following:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

How do I choose the right name?

Project Managers

The next thing we must do is find out if our domain name is available, there are many platforms for this, one example is Whois.com. How do I choose a winning domain name? We suggest choosing a unique domain, a short word, easy to remember and write. If possible, a name that is related to our business.

We chose The Modern Time which includes the keyword Modern, while Time not only refers to the current time era we are in, but also represents the future of innovation.

In case the domain we want is already registered but not in use, its current owner may want to sell; however, we must consider that Premium domains usually have a higher cost ranging from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars in some cases. Some examples of Premium domains and the price at which they were sold.

How to register a .COM domain?

There are many registrars or services to specify the registration of our domain. In our case, we have a pleasant experience of use with Namecheap, where we find an advanced and easy to use interface to be able to manage every detail in the domain process. Payments can be made with a credit card or via PayPal.

What are the steps to register a domain with Namecheap?

To register with Namecheap, choose a unique username, indicate a strong password and provide an active email. We will see a screen similar to the following:

How to register a domain

For this example, we try to register the domain modern1111.com, where we see that the first year we will be charged US $8.98, while the following years its price will be approximately US $13.98.

How to register namecheap

In case you want to make the purchase we must click on the green button “Add to cart“. After that, we must click on the lower orange button “Checkout“. Next, we will see a content similar to this:

How to register domain namecheap

The Domain Privacy service is useful to prevent third parties from knowing the data of the company or person who registered this domain. Namecheap will not charge us additionally for this. We suggest not adding SSL since most web hosting providers have this service without us having to pay an additional amount: we will have SSL through our hosting or web hosting provider.

In this step, we only have to click on “Confirm Order” for our request to be processed. Namecheap will ask us to confirm some additional data such as our postal address and telephone number, after that we must confirm our data for registration and verify that the Domain Privacy service is active.

Next, Namecheap will ask us to confirm the payment method we want to use for this purchase.

How to register with namecheap

The next thing would only be to specify the payment and we will already have the domain on our platform. From the DashboardDomain List or, through the following link, we can see all our registered domains as in the following image:

How to register a .COM domain?

Let’s not forget that domains are not bought permanently. We must renew them annually. If we forget to renew them, other users could register them, and we will not be able to do anything about it. Knowing that, some people prefer to renew for several years on a single occasion. The cost of domains increases slightly each year.

How to create an email with my domain?

Finally, it is important to avoid using free email services such as Gmail or Hotmail, as this will make it easier for them to impersonate the identity of our company and / or our personal brand. We must use our domain to create a corporate email following the indications of the guide that we link.

Data breach at Hostinger exposes information of 14 million users.

Before you can create an email that is linked to your domain, you must have a web host. There are several popular webhosts that offer enough resources for both startup and seasoned businesses. For small to medium websites that expect up to 100,000 monthly users, we recommend Hostinger. For larger operations, we recommend Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting which comes with Unlimited Bandwidth, free daily backups, and 200 GB of SSD storage.

What to do next?

After registering your domain and purchasing a hosting package you will need to point your domains DNS records to your hosting provider.


Domains are one of the best ways to build a brand and showcase your business. In Online business, a domain is a must for being added to search results. With a domain and a web host you are on your way to having your own homepage where you can invite your clients.

Are you a Web Developer? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. […] Now you’ve registered your domain with Namecheap and purchased your Hosting package with Hostinger or another hosting provider. You are going to need to change your DNS address so that it points to the server where your site is located. The Domain Name System (DNS) turns domain names into IP addresses, which browsers use to load internet pages. Nameservers are the server’s address where your website will be hosted. To open a website, a domain name must be converted into a legitimate IP address of a physical server. The nameserver is the web server’s address.If you haven’t registered your domain yet, start here: Learn how to register a .COM Domain in (2022) […]

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