Internet Technology that evolved the way we do Business.

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The world has changed considerably over the last two decades. The introduction of new technologies has made the world a global village. For example, the Internet has created a platform where people can communicate with each other in real time. It also afforded businesses the opportunity to reach customers at an unprecedented level. Internet technology is advancing our day to day activities.

No more are the days of local stores that only served neighboring customers and traveling tourists. Now the opportunity to service the entire globe has become every man’s reality. If that wasn’t enough, then came the big bang. Social media.

Social media is like the internet community on steroids. What better way to localize the entire globe than to have everyone spend most of their internet experience bottled inside one domain. Facebook and its’ predecessor Myspace changed the game forever.

Technology has also helped us in many ways to improve our everyday lives and the way we conduct business on a massive scale. What other ways has technology, improved business for us? That’s what we want to discuss in this article. Here are three technologies that have evolved the way we do business in the modern time.

3 Internet Technology that have evolved the way we do Business

1. Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation Internet Technology

Business process automation is one of the most significant disruptions that are occurring in the business world today. Business process automation helps organizations to transform the way customers are served by automating routine tasks and complex business processes.

Business process automation can also help to save costs, provide accurate and speedy processing and improve customer experience. It has also become a sensation in recent times and the reason behind this is its effectiveness in boosting the company’s market share.

It allows businesses to reach goals faster and cover a larger portion of the market with the need for fewer servicemen to work individual tasks. In addition, business process automation provides the technology necessary to process payments, manage inventory, collect, store and monitor data while reducing manual labor.

2. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

In today’s information age, data is an important asset for every business. This data can be spread across thousands of different sources and the sheer volume of data can be staggering. Cloud storage providers like IDrive have made it easier for businesses to store, manage and access all of their data.

Cloud storage has made it easier than ever to store and sync files on the web. Gone are the days where you needed to buy storage devices and keep a close eye on the capacity. With cloud storage, you can keep as many files as you want on the cloud and easily access them from any device that has an internet connection.

Cloud storage has become a crucial component of modern business. With its ability to support the ever-growing demand for data storage, cloud storage has become a must-have.

According to a recent survey by the IDC, 90% of enterprises are already using cloud storage. Is your business on that list? If it’s not, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve your business. Cloud storage can be a great relief for those who have a lot of data to store. Click here to learn more about IDrive and the storage services they provide for individuals and businesses.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Business

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been around for a while now. However, it has only recently been used to change the way we do business. Business processes that were once run manually are now being automated with the help of AI.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionary, and it is quickly starting to change the world for everyone. Every business today’s either using, or uses artificial intelligence in one way or another. It can help with marketing, customer service, finance, and every other department in a business.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence include Smart Assistants which help businesses to quickly navigate information, answer questions and solve common problems. Chat assistants that are designed to automate the communication process involving customer inquiries, as you’ve probably noticed more recently on Social Media pages.

Automated suggestive marketing, which provides customers with product ads they may be interested in based on data analytics. A.I. powered investing bots that automate the investing experience based on preprogrammed data. There are many ways that A.I. has evolved modern business infrastructure.

It was only recently that Artificial intelligence was just a subject of science fiction, but now it’s a reality that is making itself increasingly felt in the business world. While it’s still in its infancy, there are a number of ways in which AI is coming to the aid of business owners, saving them time and money.


That’s three technologies that have evolved the way we do business in the modern time. What other technologies do you know that have changed our world for the better? Let us know in the comment section.

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