What is Google Analytics? Setting up Google Data Tracking

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Google Analytics is a free tool by Google LLC., for web developers, app developers and site administrators to track user data across many platforms. It offers unique features that can be used to monitor traffic data to help better understand how people interact with your website.

Metrics such as Unique Visits, Clicks and Average view time are very valuable to businesses that want to improve the content of their site and increase their overall engagements.

In this guide we will explain how you can get started using Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics used for?

Google Analytics snapshot

Google Analytics helps you to do several important things as a web owner or application developer. It helps you to find the source of your traffic so you can know how people discovered you. Whether through social media, search engines, mobile applications or other means, Google Analytics helps you to track the source of your traffic.

The tool provides you with data that helps you understand days and times where your site received the most traffic, including what specific content received the most views. Also, you will be able to monitor fluctuations in traffic to better improve your performance across the board.

Google Analytics allows you to monitor the growth of your website (or app) by giving you a record book that you can reference. You’ll know whether your site has improved over time or whether it has peaked off and adjust accordingly.

With Google Analytics you are able to identify the web pages which receive the most traffic and find what content your audience likes best.

You will be able to analyze geographic/demographics data to see just what cities, states, and countries your audience originates from. This can have a large impact on your marketing efforts by allowing you to identify a target area to promote yourself.

You will be able to understand how often users revisit your site after their initial visit and improve customer loyalty.

You will also be able to see what devices your users have used when visiting your site as well as their average page load speed. A fast load speed is optimal to great site SEO.

Why measure Analytics?

Google Analytics allows you to measure your performance to evaluate what’s working and what’s not with your content. It helps you to determine how to improve your site or fix many problems with user experience. Also, to monitor and improve overall traffic.

How do I setup a Google Analytics account?

To setup a Google Analytics account is very simple for even the most novice user. Many webhost have taken the liberty to make applying Google Analytics code on your website possible in just a few short steps. We will go over how to setup your Google Analytics account.

Before setting up a Google Analytics account, you will need a Google or Gmail account. If you do not have a Google account you can get one here.

After logging in with your Google account, you will want to visit the Google Analytics website. From there you will click the button that let’s you get started with Google analytics(It’s blue).

On the next screen, you will be asked to enter some account details, including the Account name, and your Account Data Sharing Settings. These settings tell Google what type of information they are allowed to share about your account with Google and their partners. I recommend only selecting the Technical Support option if you’re unsure about these features.

Google Analytics Setup

From the next screen you will be asked to enter your “Property Name” which will represent your entire operation. After entering the property name, time zone and currency you will be asked some additional details about your company or site.

Google Analytics Setup

Next, you will be asked to review and accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service. From there you will select which platform you will be collecting data on. We recommend selecting Web unless your website is specifically for mobile users only. If it is a mobile application, then you will select the appropriate operating system.

Google Analytics Setup

Finally, Google will ask you for your web address. Make sure you have Enhanced measurements turned on if you want to take advantage of real-time data.

Google Analytics Setup

Once you’re done entering the information above, a menu should pop-up showing you your results, including your Stream Details which represent the site you have chosen to measure. You will be given a Stream ID and a Measurement ID. Your measurement ID is what is included in the Google Analytics Embed Tag that will go in your site code where google will stream data from.

Google Analytics Setup

To add the Google Analytics, tag on to your page follow the instructions mapped out in the Tagging Instructions tab. Place the tag in the header of your index page. This may be different depending on whether your site is code or no-code. For No-code websites, refer to your web provider for instructions on Google Analytics tags to your site. Here are a few.

Shopify Setting up Google Analytics · Shopify Help Center
WeeblyHow to Set Up Google Analytics With Your Weebly Website — FREE Weebly Tutorials & Tricks
Wix Wix Tracking Data with Google Analytics Support

For WordPress refer to this guide.
How to install Google Analytics for WordPress for Beginners

Google Analytics Setup

You’re all set!

That’s it! After adding the Google Analytics Tag to your page, you successfully have setup Google Analytics. It may take a few days for the data to start streaming. You will now be able to monitor site wide statistics and user data for your website and business. Google Analytics can be used in a number of different platforms and devices, so try to maximize your usage of it to get the best results.

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