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Happy New Year to all! The Modern Time has celebrated over 3 years in the making. We truly appreciate everyone who has followed, subscribed, and viewed our content over the years. As the founder of the Modern Time, I have always had a passion for innovation. I believe that ideas propel society towards endless opportunities, and that science is what turns our greatest ideas into reality. I also believe that technology, often vaguely represented as electronics or computers, may be better understood as the overall advancement of human intellect toward greater experiences. Through our understanding of the world, both in and around us, technology has more than simplified the way we interact and live our daily lives.

Oftentimes, we have found that certain modern technologies, which have previously helped us become more productive or organized, have also come with a cost to our well-being. Factors such as radiation, air pollution and blue light exposure among others are becoming increasingly prominent as contributing causes to many of today’s most significant health concerns. Now, more than ever, our communities are suffering due to a wide range of circumstances that diminish the quality of our health and, ultimately, our lives. With this trend comes a demand for more advanced technology that takes a proactive approach to enhancing the quality and length of human life. We believe in this vision for humanity.

In line with our vision of the Modern Time, our brand and operations are being upgraded to align with our mission. The Modern Time, a subsidiary of The Modern Company, an innovation company in development, will champion our mission to improve the lives of people worldwide.

Happy 2024!

Stay Tuned!

Ahki Justice
Ahki Justice
Justice is the founder of The Modern Company, a new generation of innovation. He is also a content writer, researcher, marketer and editor for The Modern Time, a website providing the latest news, resources, and information in the growing world of Business, Technology, Health, and Innovation.

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