What is Service Management Software? SME Optimization

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Service management software, often referred to as Field Service Management Software, are reliable and easy-to-use tools for optimizing business management. It guarantees daily monitoring of activity through a multitude of features.

Service management software is very useful for VSEs (Virtual Storage Extended) and SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises), because it allows them to present an ultra-professional image to their customers. These tools are numerous, and some are dedicated to specific sectors of activity or departments of the company.

Here are a few types of Service Management Software you should familiarize yourself with whether medium or large sized enterprise.

IT Service Management Software (ITSM)

When we talk about IT Service Management (ITSM), we are referring to all the activities involved in the design, production, supervision and maintenance of the life cycle of IT services. ITSM software helps ensure that IT services are delivered quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

There are many steps to consider in the IT service management process. It is first necessary to define the IT services to be provided. Second, the delivery of these services must be planned before they can be implemented.

It is also important to monitor and measure the delivery of these services and to improve or adapt them based on feedback from clients and other stakeholders. ITSM software is designed to perform all these tasks. This includes the development of a strategic plan that takes into account the objectives of the IT infrastructure team.

Business Management software

To manage the entire chain of purchases and sales of a company, Commercial Management Software was developed. Most often, it works with accounting software. Using business management software, the company can create its items and services and assign characteristics, rates, a certain nomenclature and many other things.

This tool also supports the creation of commercial offers, including quotes, inventory management and the follow-up of replenishment requests.

Technical Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software

Some management software is intended for technical services. These are tools that bring together functionalities capable of managing the technical operations of buildings, equipment and outdoor spaces. Technical service management software can centralize day-to-day repair activities and anticipate control tasks, such as periodic checks.

Technical Service Management Software is suitable for any maintenance department responsible for managing a large-scale building or a fleet of buildings. This type of service software can be used by structures that must supervise the perfect operation of equipment or machines. The services of monitoring the maintenance of the works, planning of agents and teams, monitoring of stock and replenishment, analysis of the activity of statistics or the inventory of heritage and equipment benefit from using this kind of management software.

Note that there is software for managing municipal technical services. These are intended for town halls. Such software meets the needs of municipal technical services that work for the preservation of public spaces and communal buildings.

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Accounting Management Software

Accounting Management Software is undoubtedly an invaluable that is most found in the IT environment of companies. This is understandable since it is a tool that allows you to keep a cash accounting.

The accounting management software is advantageous since it ensures the security of the entire process of managing the accounting obligations of the company. It also promotes the harmonization of accounting by ensuring that it is given a more professional touch.

In addition, it saves a lot of time and benefits business productivity. Accounting management software also reduces the risk of errors and facilitates exchanges between the company and its chartered accountant.

Response Management Software

Response Management Software, or Intervention Management Software allows companies to have control of all or part of the process of carrying out its interventions. This includes several features, such as scheduling incoming call interventions and reporting interventions.

The tool is also capable of many other features, like inventory management and even invoicing. Companies that use intervention management software save time on several levels. This is particularly noticeable in the booking of customer appointments or in the management of the frequency of interventions.

Also, the time saving is well perceived when sending information to a technician as well as in the creation of a history of the tasks performed.

With intervention software, the performance of intervention teams is increased. These tools are actually designed with functional route optimization bricks that are of great use. These make it possible to increase the number of interventions that can be performed per day.


Field Service Management Software is an invaluable tool in the world of enterprise and business process automation. Giving business owners a visual of their customers, statistics and business responses while saving valuable time needed to carry on other high value task. If you’re looking to scale your business operations for medium or large sized measures, consider using Service Management Software.

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