What is Dedicated Server Hosting? (Where can I get it?)

Dedicated Server Hosting is a hosting solution where a physical server is dedicated to hosting a single client or business. Dedicated server users have full access and control of hardware resources, hard drive space and can optimize its software and features to their liking. The actual server and surrounding environment, together with the related services and technical support, are provided by the dedicated hosting provider.

Dedicated hosting is also known as a dedicated server or dedicated hosting service. People often choose Dedicated Server Hosting for their security, 24/7 uptime and faster connection speeds. Dedicated host also come with around the clock support and server maintenance.

A Server computer is a special hardware computer that often has higher processing speeds and RAM than a consumer grade computer. Clients need server computers because they provide faster processing speeds and can accept and transmit data request from multiple sources while maintaining optimal performance.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers are especially great for businesses & hosting ecommerce sites because they offer extra security and total privacy. Also, if you need to upgrade your dedicated server, later on, it’s as simple as adding more memory, there’s no need to buy a new computer.

Dedicated server hosting offers many advantages than that of Shared Hosting. These include:

• 24/7 Technical Support & Maintenance.

• Faster processor speeds, dedicated SSD hard drives and higher RAM than consumer grade computers.

• Dedicated Server-Client software (PHP, MySQL, Windows or Linux OS, etc).

• Remote Desktop Access.

• Higher internet speeds and increased server load capacity.

• Multiple User Accounts and User restriction.

• Increased security measures.

24/7 Technical Support

Dedicated server managers are available around the clock to ensure that your server remains online. If there is any downtime or security issues, having 24/7 technical support can be of great benefit. Responding quickly to help solve technical issues and keep your data accessible.

More Hardware Resources

Dedicated servers are a power-house for computing performance. They are often equipped with 8 or more cores and packed with lots of RAM to run even the most demanding processes. Dedicated hard drives gives you full control of your data space by storing only the data you provide. Even if you are sharing a hosting account with other users on the same machine, they will not have access to your data or configuration file.

Dedicated Server-Client Software

Dedicated Server-Client software allows you to run both the Windows and Linux operating systems with ease. Allowing you to execute and monitor the programs and features your business requires.

Higher Internet Speeds

With fiber optics, your data is transferred within seconds. Your dedicated server continues to perform under peak times and high traffic loads, giving your clients a persistent, continuous experience.

Remote access

You can access your server from anywhere in the world using a remote desktop tool. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to be able to work with your site as if it were accessible from the local network.

This allows you to manage any technical process without having to travel for this purpose, so you’ll save time and money while improving the customer support experience for your visitors.

Increased Security

With advanced security features including anti-virus software, firewalls, data encryption and strict user access policies your server is secured around the clock. 24/7 Technical Support is available to identify and respond to data breaches & malicious threats that impact the integrity of your private system. Servers are updated regularly for added security.

And more..

Dedicated Server Hosting with Bluehost

Bluehost hosts over 2 million websites and has earned a reputation as a trusted web hosting brand. At the high end of its hosting range, Bluehost offers three dedicated server optionsPrices range from $79.99 to $119.99 per month but, like VPS plans, these are quite simplistic compared to the options offered by many competitors.

For example, there is very little information available about what type of hardware is used.

The cheapest Standard Plan (starting at $79.99 per month) simply comes with a 2.3GHz quad-core CPU (which is pretty slow), 500GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, 5TB of bandwidth, and three IP addresses.

Overall, Bluehost’s dedicated server plans are too simplistic for my taste, and I recommend looking elsewhere if you need a high-end hosting solution.

Bluehost Server Locations

Since Bluehost is an American company, its main servers are located in Utah: one in Provo City and the other in Orem City. In addition to its hosting operations in the US, Bluehost also offers hosting services for the Indian market, through Bluehost India (bluehost.in), and for the Chinese market, through Bluehost China (cn.bluehost.com and bluehost.cn).

SSD Storage500GB (mirrored)1 TB (reflected)1 TB (reflected)
Free SSLIncludesIncludesIncludes
Free domainIncludesIncludesIncludes
Root accessIncludesIncludesIncludes
Free backupsIncludesIncludesIncludes
IP addresses345
Monthly price$79.99$99.99$119.99

As Bluehost offers significant discounts for long-term subscriptions, I highly recommend signing up for three years, to begin with. The basic shared hosting plan essentially gives you a year free. And don’t forget that you can also request a refund within the first 30 days with most plans.

If you’re looking for a dedicated server for your small business, consider affordable dedicated server hosting options with Bluehost.

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