Learn How to Edit videos for Free (2022)

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Being able to edit your own videos from the comfort of your home devices is a much-needed asset in 2022. Tools like clipping, transitions, on-screen text and color grading offer great advantages when it comes to promoting your business. Leveraging social media to build a larger audience can potentially reap many benefits. One of the biggest questions being asked today is how can I edit videos for free? That’s what we will talk about today in this article.

There are several ways for you to create video content using your phone or computer at no cost. Free applications may not offer many of the most advanced tools, but they still allow you to do many things that are sufficient for someone who may just be starting out in video content. You don’t need much to appeal to an audience like Instagram or Tik Tok, but you may be looking for more advanced features once your Youtube channel starts taking off.

Software that makes it easy for beginners is one way that you can learn the basics before switching over to a premium application, such as the industry standard Adobe Premiere Pro.

What is Video Editing?

Video editing is the process of arranging pictures and video clips. This makes a video have a cohesive narrative that communicates to an audience, so they understand what is being presented, making them able to feel emotions or draw concise conclusions from what is being shown.

If you’re just starting out with video editing, you’ll want to understand a few basic concepts that will help you to navigate a video editing platform.

How to edit videos for free

Basic Video Editing Terms

Sometimes video editing software can be tricky to wrap your head around – especially when it comes to getting started. Depending on what software you use, they should have a range of tutorials and guides to help you to master your program. It’s important to understand what certain terms mean as well as how they relate to the software you’re using. If you don’t, you may end up having a hard time navigating the platform or configuring it correctly. This can make editing far more difficult than it needs to be. Here are a few basic terms that everyone should know when using video editing platforms.

Timeline: Most video editing takes place on the timeline. The timeline is where you’ll be able to see your video and audio clips in a linear, re-arrangeable format. You’ll be able to make fine cuts, trims and transitions on the parts of your video you want. It is also where the adjusting of the many sequences of events occurring takes place.

Compositing: Compositing is taking footage from different sources and combining them together to form a single creative video. This type of work is seen often in comedy skits but also takes place in a large number of videos online today.

Editing Tools & Visual Effects: There are many basic editing tools that will allow you to change different variables of your video and add cool effects. You can change the speed of a scene, add transitions, apply filters, add on-screen text, and adjust audio settings. Many applications offer visual overlays that enhance video creativity by adding unique artistic touches.

Aspect ratio: Having the correct aspect ratio is important. Aspect ratio simply, is the proportion or ratio of a video’s size shown on the screen. Mobile applications such as Instagram and Tik Tok have started using the 9:16 vertical aspect ratio for their latest short-form video formats. 9:16 means that the video will appear as if it was shot holding a phone straight up versus horizontally. However, video platforms like Youtube are best shot and viewed at 16:9 wide-angle format.

Resolution: Resolution is the total size of a video measured in pixels-per-inch or PPI. Videos that have higher PPI tend to have more pixels per inch, resulting in a clearer and more high-quality. High resolution videos shot and rendered in 1080p and 4K have the highest amount of pixels-per-inch and also the better-quality picture on HD screens.

Where can I learn more on how to edit videos for free?

If you want to learn the process of making videos using a Free editing software called Filmora by Wondershare, you can check out this guide we found online:

How to Edit Videos: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners [2022] (wondershare.com)

The MinorityEye

Some things you should know about Video Editing on PC

Depending on the quality and size of the video, free video editing may be done on just about any computer. For more advanced premium features such as those offered by Adobe Premiere Pro, you may require additional hardware, such as a dedicated graphics card. Rendering high-quality effects may require additional RAM not offered by consumer-grade computers. Adobe recommends at least 8GB of RAM to run their software. So, for free video editing software, you may want to have at least 4GB for optimal performance and rendering.

What are some Free Video Editing Software

There’s many free video editing software available for both Desktop and mobile phones. Some of them offer ease of use, whiles others offer more advance features. Most of them offer tutorials that help new editors to get started. Here are just a few of them.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush: If you’re just starting out and just want to put together a quick clip on your phone, Adobe Premiere Rush may offer you the tools to help you produce a video on the fly. Premiere Rush offers basic tools for quick video edits.

2. InShot: Best mobile video editor with everything you need to make a video in the least amount of time. Allows you to remove watermark in exchange for watching 30 second ads.

3. Power Director: Best if you’re trying to learn video editing, plan to upgrade to a premium platform and want the advantage of having a library of tutorials and guides to help you get started.

4. Davinci Resolve: If you want all the features of a premium video editing platform, along with the difficulty of operating a high-end studio, then Davinci resolve has you covered. This is a free to use platform that is actually an advanced Desktop video editor used by many people in the industry. It can do all the things that most premium editors can do but may have a greater learning curve. The best free editor for those looking to start using a more advanced platform.

5. Filmora: Filmora is another great desktop editor that gives you a wide range of tutorials to help you seamlessly navigate the video editing process.

What is the best video editing Software PC

Adobe Premiere Pro

The best all-around video editing software on the market today is hands down Adobe Premiere Pro. This video editing platform is very easy to use and comes with a bus load of features for every level of the editing process. It offers many advantages to other platforms, including the ability to easily learn with a wide range of information available through their website and on Youtube.

Its’ ease of use allows any dedicated editor to perform just about every advanced editing technique in the world of video content. It is used by many industry leaders today and for a good reason. Adobe Premiere Pro offers a unique system that applies hundreds of Clipping methods, Effects, Color-Grading, On-screen text and overlays, Speed and Audio adjustments to create stunning visuals that everyone will love. It comes with a dedicated team of developers and tutors that offer endless possibilities with addons, templates, plugins and tutorials that help you create any kind of video from start to finish.

Best of all it comes with a free 30 day trial that lets you try before you buy. With monthly cloud subscriptions as low as $20.99 a month for professional software, Adobe Premiere Pro will help you to deliver the highest quality videos to your audience every time. To learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe products, click the banner below.

What is the Best video editing app for Mobile

LumaFusion IOS

LumaFusion is hands down the best mobile video editing application. Currently available only on IOS, this easy-to-use platform offers many of the features usually found only on desktop platforms. People have been able to make full scale short series and music videos on it. It comes with a lot of transitions, effects and templates that is good for any serious editor, whether beginner or advanced. Most of all, because it is mobile, it makes the best of the situation for serious on the go editors, looking to produce high quality content on demand without the hassle of needing laptop space or time. Check out LumaFusion by clicking this link.


Video editing has never been easier with the many tools available for use today. In this article we’ve given you some excellent applications to help you get started no matter what editing proficiency you’re working towards. What editing software are you using? Let us know in the comments.

How to Increase Rendering Performance

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