What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

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Millions of people are using social media to launch, develop and market their business in 2022. You may have just started developing your social media platform and want to know a few tips to help you get more traffic. That’s where Social Media Optimization comes in to play. A system that employs several strategies and methods to aid you in building an audience through social networks.

Here we explain what Social Media Optimization is and how you can get started today with optimizing your site for social media.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Search engine optimization

Social media optimization refers to the optimization of a website or its page elements and content to increase awareness, improve viewability and searchability through social media channels. So, what does that mean?

Social media optimization is developing your site to be easy to navigate and appealing to many social media consumers. It’s studying and figuring out what elements on your site could potentially be optimized better for social media.

It’s measuring how an individual product page, piece of content or an email will be shared through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. By looking at these site elements you are trying to figure out how you might be able to use proper SMO to develop your site to better gain more traffic and conversion.

There are a couple things that you can do to provide social media optimization for your website.

One of the most common ways that people optimize their sites for social media is by adding sharing buttons to their content. Another is by using attention grabbing headlines that drive engagement and potential conversion or sales.

How does social media optimization benefit my website?

seo search engine optimization help

Using social media allows you to drive traffic conversions and allows you to engage closely with your customers and potential clients.

Social Media Optimization is very similar to SEO in many ways, although there are a few distinct differences. Elements such as keywords and page elements like meta titles, descriptions, H1 & H2 tags all exist through social profiles just like in SEO.

By right-clicking and viewing source of a social profile using a desktop computer, you will be able to see the page elements allowing you to measure proper keyword placement and optimization techniques in those areas, just as you would with SEO. The quality of a page is of the utmost importance because it helps search engines to pick up the content. Also, many people who view your page will want to find what they are looking for as well as be able to quickly navigate social elements. Try not to add too many sharing buttons to an individual page. Driving traffic is the ultimate goal, the same with SEO strategies.

When you’re optimizing for social media, think about generating more traffic for your site. Having backlinks is also important for overall success. Networks like Twitter allow users to retweet post which create nofollow links that can be crawled by the search engines. Backlinks help people to find your site faster by providing multiple sources where the content can be traced. Look for opportunities to use SMO and SEO optimization to maximize your pages potential.

How to get started in Social Media Optimization?

The best way to get started with Social Media Optimization is to follow the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Use keywords that best describe what your content is about. Avoid using too many keywords that make it hard to understand what you’re presenting. Look at your website from the viewpoint of the audience and find ways to improve their site experience. Then look for ways to give them more social access. You can do this using third-party tools or adding one-click social login functions like Open Graph so they can sign in directly through their Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

Create a reward system for engagements by thank them for liking, commenting, sharing or purchasing from you. Show them that you appreciate their actions, and this will attract more people to your content. The best time to get started on optimizing your site for social media is now.

Analyze your website and your target audience and think about how they will engage with your website through social channels. Provide them with the tools that it takes to create social engagement and always stay on top of new social trends that can benefit you in the future.


To generate traffic for your site and create an audience you’re going to need to optimize your site for social media and search engines. If you want to learn more about Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization or other techniques contact The MinorityEye below.

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