Christopher Brooks, the Mississippi born Craftsman

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Sometimes you meet people who are just outstanding individuals. Gifted in many different ways. Some who have an outstanding way of expressing themselves. That possess a light when tapped in to or exercised, can leave a mark on the multitude. Often, they are those who are simply striving for greatness regardless of their circumstances. Christopher Brooks is one example of this.

The 32-year-old hails from the illustrious rural state of Mississippi and has so many talents we could barely keep up without getting dizzy. He is a Brick Mason and Carpenter who has amazing skill in the art of crafting Jewelry. He is a painter who is inspired to make art that comes from the heart. He is a model that can awe inspire the front pages of any magazine. He is a cook that knows his way around the kitchen. He is a Fashion Designer who is particularly nice with the pin. An excellent poet that has a way with words. Above all he is a brother who believes that life is all about realizing the greatness within oneself and giving it all back to the world for the glory of God.

After a long conversation with Christopher, it wasn’t hard to tell that he was a very gifted individual. We wrote this article to show case his wonderful talent and to give him a recognition worthy of his great gifts. Here is a profile of Mr. Brooks along with a couple questions we asked him about himself, and a sample of some of his works.


Christopher Brooks

Brick Mason Carpenter/Plumbing/Small time Repairman/Painter/Poet/Cook/Designer

Where are you from?:

No description available.

Charleston, Mississippi

What Products do you offer the public?:

How many years have you been in business?:
23 years

What inspired you to get into crafting?:
My mom Allah God and the nation of Islam

What are some challenges you expect to overcome?:
Accepting responsibilities, respecting other outlooks, aspects of business, and learning to accept and expect criticism.

What are some challenges you expect to overcome:
Temporarily undergoing changes and relocation but you can reach out on Facebook @ Christopher Brooks

Social Media links:
Facebook- Christopher Brooks / Instagram-@christopherbrooks277

Can you give us a brief background on yourself?:
I was Born and raised in Mississippi. I had to overcome many obstacles in life due to the lack of resources but I never allowed it to stop me from progressing in life!

Can you give a brief explanation about your experience in business as well as how it has helped you to grow as an individual including any backstory you would like to share?:
I have over my time in business learned more about how to cope with the masses of people and trying to please the consumer of my products. I have also grown to deal more with the criticism of my workmanship!

Some of Christopher’s Crafts

Some of Christopher’s Modeling Shots

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