Black American Market App & Retail Shoppe has its grand opening

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Woodbridge, Virginia – The Black American Market App and Retail Shoppe located in Potomac Mills Mall officially opens its doors on September 17, 2022. The retail shoppe will house up to 250 black brands in one location. Their internal catalog will primarily house products from apparel & accessories, skin & body care, hair care, and candles, but they will look to expand for other brands. Additionally, for service-based and other businesses, registering with their black business directory allows for marketing opportunities as well.

Black American Market is owned by Mariah Bailey. She is a Detroit, Michigan native and graduate of Kentucky State University, receiving a bachelor’s degree in psychology and minoring in intelligence with a specialization in radicalization and behavior profiling. She has also received certification in Computer-Aided Drafting.

Mariah Bailey – Founder of Black American Market

Black American Market Mariah Bailey
Mariah Bailey is the CEO of Black American Market

Mariah began structuring her business in August 2020, while working on managing the application development of Black American Market, an app which she initially launched in December the same year. Now her team is working on launching a physical location. The project was self-funded, and she invested the money she earns from employment to scale her business.

“I self-funded my business for the last 2 years and now were in the position to scale and maximize our capabilities by putting others in position to grow their audience in a physical location while also bringing something new to the market but most importantly, bringing an opportunity for real-estate and collaboration to the community through the framework of group economics.”

She partnered with her brother, Caleb Weed for the retail shoppe as a Marketing & Advertising specialist.

“Shout out to Caleb Weed and The 02 Collection”

Did You know?

According to Black Economics 101“The average Black dollar lasts only hours within the Black community and that lack of reinvestment—i.e., not supporting Black-owned banks and businesses—has in some ways contributed to the wealth gap between Blacks and other ethnicities.” 

Each year, over 37 million Black people in America spend approximately $1 trillion in value, much of which ends up in the hands of corporations and others who work against the best interests of Black people. If, as the old saying goes, money talks, then one trillion dollars should buy a lot of conversation—let them speak for Black economic empowerment. Supporting Black-owned businesses helps to strengthen the Black community’s economic viability.

Black American Market Mariah Bailey
Mariah Bailey CEO of Black American Market

She also gave high regards to her business coach, Meyakka Sturdivant and her sister Taisha Bates:

“I also have a business consultant who mentors me, and I’d be remiss not to acknowledge the Klassy Business Consultant Ms. Meyakka Sturdivant as well as my sister who is my co-host for our podcast that will be relaunching in September of 2022, and she literally has my back administratively on EVERYTHING Ms. Tai Bates.”

So, I asked her where the inspiration comes to start her business, and she replied:

“I think the inspiration comes from literally identifying and partnering with my God given purpose. Being an advocate for success in the Black community was not something I chose Intentionally, it’s in my essence and there is this unshakable dedication to this mission. There were times I wanted to quit and in fact, If I were to quit right now, I would life an extremely comfortable life, but I would wake up every day knowing I failed by being selfish and quitting at something that is way bigger than myself. My inspiration for this business has very little to do with actual inspiration at all. I think it comes from intentional experiences to align my heart to my purpose. My motivation to keep going comes from a place of imagining what things could really be. T.D Jakes said, “God never made a chair. He gave man trees and imagination” Take those resources, experiences, and imagination and run as far as you can with it because the “inspiration” to do something could very well not be inspiration at all but more so purpose and assignment. “

Lastly, her message or advice to black entrepreneurs who are starting or working to become successful in business:

“a. Don’t worry about what happens if you fail. Worry about what happens if you never try. You never know who needs your product or service and/or what next big thing is attached to you executing your idea

b. You are going to make mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable but recovery from mistake is a choice. Don’t take those lessons personal. Find 3 positives in them and apply it every day after.

c. You know what your life is like if you don’t try., and if you choose to never try, you will never know what life can become.

d. Learn from those who are successful, but also learn from those who are not. Successful people show you what to do. Unsuccessful people show you what not to do.

e. Greet the janitor with the same respect you greet the CEO. Nobody is bigger than the mission and humility will take you farther than anything in this world.

f. Be firm and aggressive about accomplishing the goal not conquering people. Generosity and compassion goes a long way!”

Mariah Bailey
Black American Market
Woodbridge, VA
Black American Market on Instagram

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