Technology: Fueled by imagination but corrupted by design?

Technology is a broad term used to describe just about everything that takes the ease off of our lives and allow us to do more with our time and energy. In recent times, there has been an increase of reports of technology doing quite the opposite. Technology that many people say are either psychologically or physically harmful to its’ users.

Conspiracies have even surfaced suggesting that technology is the work of the elite who aim to distract the population. Millions of people are looking every day for more ways to be deeply emersed in digital space. Spending billions annually to invest in the latest gadgets and utilities.

Over the pandemic, big tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft and NVIDIA made over 1 trillion dollars in revenue. These are companies that have developed systems that interact with the public market to determine their specific wants and in their specific areas.

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What is Technology in retrospect?

Technology is imagination on display. From a practical point of view, technology has been the result of the process of identifying a complication then providing a simpler method. To many people, it is an art, and the art of bringing imagination to reality.

For the more practical let’s look at the kitchen fork. We didn’t always eat with forks but once the fork was developed, most people have yet return to using other methods. Why complicate simple right? Of course, there are people who may want to take things back to before and do it “the old fashioned way”, right?

The art of technology, like many things gives way for anyone to develop something that can impact the lives of people, whether for good or bad. While there are people who develop things that are not so good for prolonged use by its users or the environment. Technology for Entertainment has also provided an avenue where many gadgets’ developers can provide shock and awe to an audience for a single moment, with uncalculated risk.

In these cases, it is definitely good to consider two things:
1. The purpose for the specific technology?
2. How is it being used?

Technology that is specifically designed to drive profits or to influence a margin of public opinion may sacrifice safety and public welfare for the sake of an agenda. While technology that is designed to bring ease and provide a better alternative may for long develop into a totally viable solution without risk.

Likewise, technology like anything, if not used properly may result in harm or added risk. So, while all technology is not harmful, some technology is corrupted by design.


We must be conscious of not just the Technology we use every day, but we must also play an active role in developing safer technology and usage strategies. Finding cleaner and more efficient options to provide things that add years on to our life while still giving us the power to innovate our world. Considering public safety and advocating responsible use for technology.

Ahki Justice
Ahki Justice
Justice is a content writer, marketer and editor for The Modern Time, a website providing the latest news, resources and information in the growing world of Business, Technology, Health and Innovation.

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