Seeking Broadcast Partners: Attend our Collective Independence Roundtable

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If you’re a blogger, podcast host, YouTuber, newsletter publisher, online radio personality, or a host of any other type of web-based talk show or program, we hope you’ll join us virtually on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. for our Collective Independence Roundtable.

Collective Independence Roundtable

What is Collective Independence?

When several independent organizations work collectively to increase their individual influence in a particular market or geographical area, this strategy is referred to as Collective Independence.

We believe that by implementing a strategy of collective independence, our broadcast partners will be able to increase their share of their local media markets and further shape the media landscape of tomorrow.

Discussion topics for the roundtable

Join us for a candid discussion with other independent media entrepreneurs to learn how, by working together, we can expand our professional networks, reach wider audiences, and design shows and programs that are more attractive to sponsors and advertisers.

Roundtable attendees will be invited to become a broadcast partner and learn how a strategy of Collective Independence will help strengthen your media outlet in four key areas: audience acquisition, content development, new communications technologies,and sponsor/advertiser attraction and retention.

As a Broadcast Partner you’ll be responsible for the following;

  • Publishing press releases, announcements, or personal profiles on your blogs.
  • Interview guests or clients on your podcasts, video shows, or programs.
  • Willingness to share knowledge and resources with fellow partners.
  • Make use of your social media channels to spread the word about the collective.
  • Attending regular meetings with fellow partners.

Benefits of becoming a Broadcast Partner;

  • Access to free training and resources
  • Free or low-cost advertising on partner platforms
  • Expand your audience 
  • Access to national media list and contacts
  • Access to our Independent Multimedia Broadcasters Directory

Your opportunity

Becoming a Broadcast Partner gives you a unique opportunity to network with independent media professionals in other states, create profitable collaborations, and gain knowledge of the latest marketing and promotions tools and strategies.

To learn more about becoming a Broadcast Partner, fill out the interested form and attend the Collective Independence Roundtable – this event is for anyone looking to expand their media platform’s reach or launch a new initiative.

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Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey is Mulitimedia Journalist, Producer and founder of The MinorityEye news blog. Bailey specializes in producing news stories and personal profiles that highlight the cultural, social, economic, and political experiences of minorities and minority communities and organizations. His extensive advocacy work and political background has made him a well-respected voice and an often sought-after commentator on issues impacting people of color.

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