Collective Intelligence (CI) in Enterprise and Small Business

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Collaboration is essential in any team. A successful business venture works best when its team members join forces to achieve a common goal. For this, many businesses and enterprises are using collective intelligence to improve their strategic approach to completing tasks.

Several advantages stem from this innovative principle. As a collective, many people work together to brainstorm and come up with solutions that benefit the whole and complete goals.

What is Collective Intelligence? (CI)

Collective Intellect

Collective intelligence is the combined effort between the members of a team or employees within a company to help complete various task & solve diverse problems. Collective Intelligence is an emerging term, but its practice has had an impact on the professional world for a long time. It involves mobilizing the many skills and brain matter of different individuals in order to overcome a complex problem.

The main challenge will be to harmonize different ideas, sometimes divergent, in order to create solutions that allow a team to move forward more effectively. Instilling this spirit of collaboration is not always an easy task. This is why it is advisable to use a professional structure that includes team leaders that have the ability to inspire or motivate togetherness.

Professional teams often utilize special programs for the implementation of collective intelligence in medium businesses and enterprise corporations.

If a company really wants to grow, it is imperative that it involves the thinking power of all its internal members. The use of collective intelligence methods will increase the spirit of collaboration and the involvement of employees in the innovation policy of any structure.

Training may be necessary in order to properly assimilate the main precepts of this form of common work. Enough to offer a new dynamic to an organization to not rely on a single individual, but a whole chain of human resources. It is also a way to stimulate creativity to improve the products or services to be offered to consumers.

This (CI) is often a significant competitive advantage that will be essential to standing out in the market.

Many companies are also employing the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to assist in the development of Collective Intelligence solutions.

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Collective Intelligence a tool for decision making

Collective Intelligence Decisions

Collective intelligence (CI) is a tool for decision-making excellence. It makes it possible to counter and mitigate the devastating effects of our 188 cognitive biases that push us to make irrational decisions. Even though we know that biases exist, we are not able to manage them alone. Only ICR (Individual and Collective Reasoning) can help us. It’s not just about putting ten people around a table. This involves the use of techniques such as round table, co-development, listening, benevolence.

“What do you think?” is not a process of collective intelligence.

It is also important to distinguish three types of intelligence within a collective.

Creative intelligence serves to co-create. It means finding something original, different, disruptive.

Collective intelligence is used to co-construct. This means hybridizing existing ideas. To combine ideas in order to develop something that has the good qualities of other things while still maintaining its uniqueness.

Collaborative intelligence is used to “co-laborer” (from the Latin “labor” so co-work). This means working in good intelligence to divide up tasks and information. To test, try and further improve upon solutions until completion.

When we mix intelligences, we mix toolboxes. Unfortunately, these three types of intelligence are synonymous in everyday language. We therefore believe that we are doing collective intelligence with the toolbox of operational excellence. The result is that you get somewhere fast but often not the right place.

Developing Collaborative Leadership

Before being able to exploit all the advantages of collective intelligence, it is necessary to acquire the necessary skills provided for this purpose. Fortunately, there are professionals in the field with the leadership skills needed to support companies and organizations in developing collective intelligence.

They will first make a diagnosis of the needs of their customers in order to develop the appropriate strategy.

The data collected will be essential to establish the program of effective workshops or trainings with real added value. New working tools as well as more innovative methods will then be provided during these exchanges.

Several themes will be proposed such as meeting facilitation techniques, how to map processes, strategies to develop your network, etc. Experts in collective intelligence can then play more operational roles and directly implement the new practices sought.

The quality of the results will be more guaranteed. It is therefore imperative to choose the right leader who will provide support in those areas. Specialized structures like Collective Intelligence are becoming more and more numerous in the modern time. However, some brands are better known than others due to their effectiveness in the development collective strategy.
The Modern Time – A new generation of Innovation.

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